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Our digital touch screen sports hall of fame allows schools to display every award and honor. Accessible online as a website as well.

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Digital Sports Hall of Fame
Kennesaw State University Athletic Hall of Fame
Northwest Missouri State Athletic Hall of Fame
UT-Tyler Athletic Hall of Fame
Fairview Highschool Athletic Hall of Fame
Lehigh Athletic Hall of Fame
Hermitage High School Athletic Hall of Fame
Northeastern Athletic Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

We make the world's best Hall of Fame awards website. We make the only Touch Screen Hall of Fame that doubles as a website and looks great on all devices.

  • Website that is accessible on the internet
  • Touch Screen compatibile, iPad compatible, phone compatible, school website compatible!
  • Instant Updates - "What You See Is What You Get" Editing System
  • Unlimited layout options accomodate any type of information

Built by the best web developers at Brown and Harvard. We are creating professional sports stadium quality software at a price that every school can afford.

We are bringing the stagnant and antiquated market of touch screen Hall of Fame software to the modern era. No more error messages, old software that doesn't work, or outdated user interfaces.

Have feature or functionality idea for us? We will build it for you for free!

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Hall of Fame Website

New Clients Since Our Founding in April, 2020 and many more coming soon!

Sports Hall of Fame Display Kiosk

Want a feature we don't have? We will build it for free before you buy.

Athletic Hall of Fame

Displayed on a touch screen, your school website, your iPhone, and accessible via internet link.

Digital Wall of Honor

There is no limit on the number of inductees, awards, or honors that can be displayed.

Academic Awards & Honors

Don't settle with just athletics, add ALL of your school's awards inlcuding academic and graduation awards.

Touch Screen Hall of Fame

Display engaging interactive & digital content in the most prominent location in school.

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Digital Sports Hall of Fame